Crazy Lady’s Cafeteria & Take Out

I was in Carman this morning, so we decided to head to Crazy lady’s cafeteria and take out Carman after seeing their lunch special on Facebook.

It was a hard to choose what to order, their special of Schnitzel, German potato salad, and cucumber salad sounded so tasty. But I ordered the Bavarian Schintzel Burger after seeing it had a pretzel bun and was so satisfied with my choice.

They also had a great selection of German foods and novelties, I picked up some giant tins of apple pie spice and pumpkin pie spice. They have a freezer full of pot pies and soups to take home to enjoy.

This place is a great lunch spot, the staff were so friendly and helpful. The food was amazingly delicious and came out of the kitchen very quickly. If you’re in Carman, check them out!