King Korn Maze

Have you ever had your boss message you frantically about Giant Jenga? Until yesterday, I’d have said the same thing.

You see, I received a message about King Korn Maze. A family-run corn maze that also features a lot of fun game. (Like Giant Jenga.) Needless to say, I had to check it out.

The maze is located close to Notre Dame de Lourdes. Under an hour from Portage. Easy drive, and lots to see on the way. Once you arrive, you park and you head on in.


While I was excited about the mini-golf, my wife loved the hamster wheels. I think my dog was excited, too, until she realized there were no hamsters inside. Out in the yard, you can see some other smaller games (like Giant Jenga) and a tire obstacle course, for lack of a better word. A nice photo booth as well. All in all, lots of bang for your buck. I was impressed with what was available for the low cost.

Then I got lost in the corn. Up to my ears. And higher. You see, I’m a 6’5″ city boy. I don’t know how tall corn can grow. I assumed I could jump and see over everything. NOPE. In some of the pictures, you can see the dead ends I ran into. You can also see me hopelessly looking up to the sky, looking for a safety helicopter. NOPE. I did find the one sign that told me how often they search for those who get lost. Hahahahahaha…… Probably kidding, right?

All in all, a successful trip. We didn’t break any rules, I didn’t die, and we actually only had time to get through one of the FOUR mazes. They are supposedly mini-mazes, but I found the first one to be a quality one. Definitely give yourself some go through it. Fun to explore, and you won’t want to rush.

Also, don’t forget to try the Giant Jenga. Let us know how it goes!!